About VertrouwensKracht

As bridge-builders, we offer more than just a listening ear.

We at VertrouwensKracht hope to one day be a luxury.
Until then, we are here for you.

VertrouwensKracht was founded by Annejet de Blécourt & Patricia van Wieringen in 2023. Due to their many years of experience in various expertises and entrepreneurship, the step to an organization for external Confidential Counsellors was no more than logical.

With this step the pieces of the puzzle fell together. They are both real connectors and knowledge sharers and they communicate in a friendly, clear way. They build long-term working relationships and base their business on their fair deal principle.

The people behind VertrouwensKracht

Annejet de Blécourt

Annejet de Blécourt

senior VertrouwensKracht / co-founder

Annejet switches between the roles of executive (team) coach, trainer, mediator, author, speaker, assessment specialist and external confidential counsellor. She is the founder of JETTING (2006), a leadership development agency and co-founder of VertrouwensKracht (2023).

Annejet is an expert in the field of executive (team) coaching, ethical leadership and building good working relationships.

  • Certified LVV Confidential Counsellor
  • Certified NOBCO-EMCC coach
  • Member NOBCO section Executive Coaching
  • Certified mediator
  • Certified TTI SI assessor

7 Perspectieven op leiderschap – Inzichten uit executive coaching (2023)
The English edition will be released beginning of 2024.

www.jetting.nl | www.vertrouwenskracht.com | www.perceptiedenken.blog

    Patricia van Wieringen

    Patricia van Wieringen

    senior VertrouwensKracht / co-founder

    Patricia has over 25 years of experience as an HR professional. She is the founder of Van Wieringen Solutions! (2012) and co-founder of VertrouwensKracht (2023).

    As an HR specialist, she advises directors and senior management on HR, business and employment law topics. Patricia has a regular customer base that she has been associated with for years. The topics and issues are broad; from hiring to firing and everything in between.

    She has also been a confidential counsellor for employees for many years. Patricia is acknowledged for her listening, good advice and her ability to to turn unpleasant situations into good solutions.

    •  Certified LVV Confidential Counsellor
    •  Certified TMA assessor

    www.vanwieringensolutions.nl | www.vertrouwenskracht.com

    VertrouwensKracht – Mission statement

    VertrouwensKracht facilitates the prevention, reporting and tackling of undesirable, transgressive behavior and integrity issues for all levels in organizations, with a specialization in senior management.

    We do this through prevention and (un)solicited advice. We offer an independent external Complaints Committee and are sparring partners on ethical issues. We also offer intervision and skills training for internal/external Confidential Counsellors. Where necessary, the Confidential Counsellors of VertrouwensKracht are ready to help.

    Our aim is to create or maintain a safe working environment in places where people work together. In a safe working environment with good working relationships, there is demonstrably less absence, more job satisfaction and employees will be more productive.

    VertrouwensKracht – Vision

    We at VertrouwensKracht hope to one day be a luxery, not a necessity.

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