The independent Complaints Committee of VertrouwensKracht

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A Confidential Counsellor is not a fact-finder
Our independent Complaints Committee is

Sometimes a situation is so serious that it is necessary to file an official complaint with an independent Complaints Committee. VertrouwensKracht provides a neutral platform where complaints are taken seriously and can be investigated. Our Complaints Committee also advises on further action to be taken.

Purpose: to restore the safe working environment and confidence of employees.

IMPORTANT: a Complaints Committee is part of the legally required PRA policy in your organisation (PRA = psychosocial risk assessment)

How does our Complaints Committee work?

  • Receiving a complaint
  • Composition of the Complaints Committee with required experts
  • Assessing whether a complaint is admissible
  • Investigating the complaint (facts, documents, adversarial process)
  • Ruling on the merits of the complaint
  • General findings and recommendations
  • Recording and processing for the annual report

Protocol of undesirable behaviour

Do you need advice on drafting the undesirable behaviour protocol? VertrrouwensKracht can help you out!

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