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Regain your strength!

The certified Confidential Counsellors of VertrouwensKracht are here for you. A VertrouwensKracht has a duty of confidentiality, so you can tell your story in confidence. They are all trained and certified with the National Association of Confidential Counsellors (LVV) and they bring their own expertise and experience into the meetings.

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Have you found yourself in a situation where you need a Confidential Counsellor?

It takes courage to tell your story and we understand that! We are here to listen to you confidentially, without judgement.

We have a duty of confidentiality and do not engage in fact-finding. Your experiences and feelings are the focus. We help you get an overview of events and go through options for a safe working environment with you.

For example, do you need help speaking out at work, telling your story to your manager or finding your strength again so you can take action yourself? We are here to discuss the pros and cons at each step. You remain in control of these steps.

Do you see no other solution than filing a complaint through the independent Complaints Committee? We will help you formulate the complaint properly and assist you throughout the process.

Can you avoid the complaints route through talks, mediation or training in order to re-establish a safe working environment? If so, we have the expertise to help you out.

So don’t hesitate and get in touch today. You can also reach us outside office hours (from 08.00 to 21.00).

For which reasons can you contact one of our VertrouwensKrachten?

Undesirable behaviour

This is unacceptable behaviour from others (colleagues or externals) that makes you feel unsafe in your work environment.

Undesirable behaviour can be verbal, non-verbal or physical; it affects your dignity, well-being and rights.

Forms of undesirable behaviour include:

  • Bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Aggression/violence
  • Sexual harassment

These forms of undesirable behaviour can occur at any level in an organisation.

Don’t keep it to yourself, but contact one of our VertrouwensKrachten confidentially!

Report integrity issue

Reporting an integrity issue is different from undesirable behaviour complaint.

Integrity issues include behaviour that violates ethical values, norms and/or professional standards. For example, knowingly embezzling finances or fraudulent activities.

Organisations with more than 50 employees are required to have an integrity reporting scheme. The scheme tells you how to report and what happens to your report.

What is in the reporting scheme of your organisation?

  • Telling = reporting: in this case, you are obliged to report to your supervisor or management.
  • Telling = discussing: in that case, you can talk to one of our VertrouwensKrachten in confidence.

Do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation. We are here for you.

Inappropriate behaviour can lead to physical and emotional symptoms.

  • Fear: feeling anxious when you have to go to the area where you feel unsafe. Deliberately trying to avoid those situations.
  • Concentration problems: the unsafe situation continuously dominates your thinking.
  • Loneliness: the lack of connection and social contacts in your work environment.
  • Stress: feeling tense, uncomfortable and unsafe most of the time.
  • Diminished self-confidence: starting to doubt yourself, your skills and self-esteem.
  • Physical symptoms: headaches, upset stomach, trouble sleeping, etc.

Our VertrouwensKrachten are not medically trained, but they can refer you.

Don’t keep it to yourself. Seek professional help in time!

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