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Develop ethical leadership in your organisation

These times call for leaders who dare to set new standards based on moral values, and to inspire others: Leaders in Ethics

Ethical compass

We all have our values, norms and principles which we live by as human beings. That’s your ethical compass.
It can become complicated when your personal ethical compass conflicts with your professional and/or your organisational ethical compass.

Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, is not easy.

It requires a courageous conversation, honest reflection on yourself as a leader, and embracing feedforward

Ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas are often not black/white or right/wrong. The important thing is that you can substantiate and explain your ultimate choice to the people involved. Usually, not everyone agrees with you, but it will make it easier for people to accept your decision.

With Ethical leadership in your organisation:

  • mentally healthy employees
  • inspired employees
  • good working relationships
  • open communication
  • ownership

Without Ethical leadership in your organisation:

  • unsafe working environment
  • mutual mistrust
  • higher absenteeism
  • island culture
  • passing on responsibility

Undesirable behaviour & Ethical leadership

The topic ‘how to deal with undesirable behaviour & integrity’ needs to be tailor made. The translation into a code of conduct, for example, involves more than a written document.

Embedding it in all layers of the organisation requires consistent explaining and circulation.

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Het juiste doen als niemand kijkt. Lessen uit de ethiek en filosofie voor integer leiderschap (2021)
Frank Peters – Boom Uitgevers

Leiderschap in ethiek. Inspiratie voor een baanbrekende ethiek voor bedrijven
VNO-NCW en MKB-Nederland | Download jouw exemplaar hier

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