Loubna Laabid


Motto: Safety is not achieved by building walls, but by opening doors.

I am an enthusiastic confidential advisor and integral safety expert with valuable experience gained during my service with the National Police. My commitment goes beyond just independence and professionalism; it revolves around the well-being of each individual and promoting workplace safety.

My journey within one of the largest organizations in the Netherlands has taught me how essential it is to support employees in conflicts and misconduct while remaining sensitive to the organization, politics, and the environment. These insights form the essence of my role as a confidential advisor, where the importance of the reporter is always at the forefront and experiences full support.

My priorities lie in guidance, support, and providing an emotional safety net, with a strong emphasis on de-escalation. I am here to listen, hear, understand, and support, with the goal of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Who am I?
Together with my husband, we are parents of three daughters. I have a passion for traveling, taking the opportunity to experience and understand various cultures. This personal interest, along with diverse education, including Intercultural Communication, HBO Integral Safety Science, Resilient and Inclusive Teams, also fuels my role as a trainer and coach in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and resilience.

In addition to this role, I am active as an Integral Safety Expert, where my thinking extends to safety issues in a broad spectrum. With over twenty years of professional experience within the National Police, currently in the role of a strategic advisor, I contribute to advising on social safety issues regarding inclusion and safety within this organization.

Sector: Versatile

Profession / experience: Over 20 years working experience with the National Police: executive / operational / managerial / strategic advisor / trainer / coach / speaker / dialogue facilitator / integral safety expert

Clients: All layers of an organization: Employees, managers, directors

Region: South-Holland, Zeeland, Brabant, Utrecht 

Languages: Dutch, English, Arabic-Moroccan, Arabic-Egyptian

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